The Omaha Peace & Justice Expo
The Omaha Peace & Justice Expo 

Omaha Students Union

The Omaha Students Union (OSU) is a student-run organization that serves to advocate for the issues and stand for the values that are most important to Omaha students.  The group providered the 11 speakers for the Omaha March For Our Lives rally earlier this year.  (rally photo above) 


With the goal of maximizing youth voter turnout for the 2018 elections, the OSU is continually expanding their outreach.  So far, they have made connections with a dozen local high schools, colleges and universities. 


Also OSU is working with the OPS and other school boards to put in place safety measures.  And they are working with the state legislature to get these safety measures in place on a statewide level.


The Omaha Student's Union’s portion of the Expo's Shared Keynote will be a "slam poetry" piece developed around the issue of gun violence, its impacts and the need for action. OSU will lead a 40 minute follow-up discussion/presentation in one of the Issue Rooms.